Jul. 3rd, 2011

jesseszen: (Skyward)
Busy-ness is def helping me.  Old friends with new chats.  Restarting projects that sat too long neglected.   Thanks everybody.  It seems I keep making the same mistakes and sure, some things about me might never change, but that's ok.  One of those things is the love and solace and inspiration of writing. 

Getting back into that is therapeutic and hell, yeah, I've been here before.  Some things deserve fidelity and maybe you'd agree, the blank page with a set of headphones on, well that might be the King of them all.  Writing is where I belong (with apologies to Jin and Crystal).  .  Ultimately, writing is what won me any of the friends reading this diary of whines and moans right now.  Writing may not keep friends or make me any new ones but it certainly does me good - like Christmas does, like coffee does.  I can't listen to 'Wonder" without feeling like I owe at least a one-shot to that.  It's something that was planned 2 years ago and never done. 

I once read that "The greatest joy in life is to begin."  Let's raise a glass to that and resolve to indulge the things that make us happy, to treat ourselves better and stay close to the people who make us feel good about just being who we are.



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