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Been a while, eh, book?  And I'm spinning around in circles.  Where will I live?  What are those girls gonna do?  Are my crops gonna die again? hahaha  I'm such a fool lately, like I can't take Life seriously anymore.  Dreams have gone all disturbing and sleep is sort of hard to come by.  The summer is running away.

Never one known for discretion, I want to share about my latest heart but it's as ridiculous and exquisite as I've come to expect love to be after all this time.  I'll have to only say that I'm just as stupid as a kid and as vulnerable again as a target.  I've got red rings painted around me.  Go ahead, World and shoot!  Just shoot because I'm going out like fireworks.  I'm all emo and beyond it at the same time.  Apparently, I can be happy without writing, (at least for a while!).  Got this stupid dream that we're both into, something about laptops and toes.  hahaha

When I was young I never expected that I'd feel so much the same my whole life through.  Kids making fun, small disappointments, sad letters, ice cream (which I can't have anymore, damn), a sunshining day - all the same things make me joyful or make me sad.  Except now, there are so many more disappointments and triumphs to look back on but God's granted that I'm here to look back and to have these new hours of joy.  Got me out here in the water so deep, so how do you expect me to live alone with just me?  If you ain't here I just can't breathe, no air, Baby. 

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