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jesseszen ([personal profile] jesseszen) wrote2011-05-29 12:54 am
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Maybe I'll Never Know

why again I'm writing this type of line.  All those lines of love - I keep them.  I have them from several people, even as I know that tonight I'm once again all alone.  This time, it turns out I wasn't even worth an explanation.  Now, all those dreams of being together, all those words of longing, the laughter, the reassurances, now - just another email folder full of words no longer true, words that tonight still have the power to twist tears from me and make me ask to that laughing black nothingness 'why?' Why the hell not, I guess because I was made for misunderstanding and heartbreak, just simply created for it.

And Trust - just a word that has cost me so much.  And that name, just the label on that folder to join the hall of fame of everyone who's moved on.

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