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Apr. 15th, 2010 08:23 am
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Expectations.  Wow, I guess it's been some serious time since I've last posted here, or it feels like it.  So anyway, on this Tax Day, following close on the heels of a real downer day yesterday I'm feeling a little disappointed.  The sun is shining it's true and I've got a job to go to so that's cool.  I'm just blah today.  Have been reading and commenting on the agegap community.  But, damn, no pun intended - that gets old.  I know birthdays can be a big deal for some people, gifts and cakes and all but people getting all opinionated over birthdays seems kind of idk, just out of place. 

And yeah, I sorta remember the Anna Nicole thing and how the whole world thought that she was using that older boyfriend for his money - but I mean, they're both dead now.  I tell people that even though there's an agegap in a couple there's no guarantee that the older partner will die first.  It's just that kind of world.  And poor Anna Nicole didn't get to be very old herself.  I wouldn't want to get into any endless debates but maybe they actually did like each other.  Probably that would appear to be a naive comment to some.  That's just me alright.  Childish Ki at whatever age.

Well, I wonder why I have to be always weighed down by these high school emotions?  Am I overemo?  Sometimes.  Disappointed?  Yeah, now a little.  I like being part of a couple and having somebody profess feelings for me.  It probably sounds harsh to say I don't want to be a parent to my partner.  Both of my kids came neck in neck to me in maturity a while back.  Maybe that says something negative about me as much as positive about them but that's just the way of reality.  One of the people I loved most in the world, my Uncle Walter G. was forever a big kid.  We just are what we are.  If we don't live up to expectations, if we miss the mark, if we don't quite get things right - we still need a magnified sun of love, and need it daily.  I'm probably a selfish lout and not worth the effort and Lord knows, old enough that I ought to be benched and not still in the game fighting for the ball, but that doesn't mean I don't want affection by the dump truck load, and affirmations over a loudspeaker and messages on the scoreboard.  I'm never going to grow up.  I know that now.  It doesn't mean I'm bad, just means I'm me.  It's just the way I've learned to deal with the nipped off childhood I had.

Won't explain.  That's just what it is.

Date: 2010-10-21 04:13 am (UTC)
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I know what you mean about the Anna Nicole thing, that was basically my take on things too, and the amount of people who rolled their eyes at me was ridiculous. --sighs--

My other half is ten years older than me. Basically all my partners have been much older than me. The thing is - I'm usually the more mature one in the relationship. --laughs-- I've been with my other half since I was seventeen, and I'm now 29, so all those people who thought that an older man and a teenage girl wouldn't make it are ancient history to us.

Not only that, but I was the one who chased him. It was lust at first sight, and then it was a sort of longing, and then it was love, and I've never once looked back. We're not married, because I don't believe in marriage, but I did agree that if we were together for over ten years then I would consider it. --laughs--

Most people I talk to about issues like these are usually suprised, and more often horrified that I don't see anything wrong with a large age gap between partners. To me, as long as the youngest side in the relationship is over the age of consent, and knows what they want, and is fully cognitive of everything a relationship entails and what their personal rights are, then it doesn't bother me one whit!

Love is love.

There's nothing wrong with wanting affection, or wanting affection shown to you. --shrugs-- That's human nature. Most people just don't want to admit it.

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